Skillman Construction – Business of the Year

Growing up in Kansas in a community of farmers, Mike Skillman would have described himself as an average guy. The one thing that he had going for himself was a well-developed worth ethic. “I started raking hay by the age of seven. At the end of the summer, grandpa paid me $75, and I thought […]

Dominos CEO J. Patrick Doyle

A Passion for Pizza and People Tell us about your career with Domino’s, when it began and when you took over as CEO. I’ve been here seventeen years. I joined in 1997 and became CEO in early 2010. What was your educational background before you entered the business world? I completed my undergraduate at the […]

Interview With Patrick Finn

Patrick Finn is an entrepreneur who came to the United States as an Irish immigrant with skills in the construction trades. Like so many other immigrants before him, Patrick decided that the path to a better life for himself and his family was to create his own business from the skills which he possessed. Patrick […]

Swimming with the Sharks

Dave Alwan’s grandfather opened a grocery store in Peoria, IL in 1947. Like so many families who own a small business, Dave grew up in the family business. As a teen-ager Dave learned the business behind the counter by wearing a white butcher’s coat and cutting up stew meat by hand. And, there is no […]

Thesis Painting an American Success Story

Thesis Painting is like many other small businesses—it was built on the skills of family members. Angelo Spyridakis came to America as a Greek immigrant who worked as a painter with his father and brother. But Angelo didn’t have the goal of making it in America simply as a craftsman with a job—he had the […]

Up Close and Personal with T. Boone Pickens

NEW: Watch The Interview on YouTube! American Business Magazine recently sat down with T. Boome Pickens on the very day his energy initiative was rolled out by President Obama, who spoke about the Boone Initiative during his State Of The Union address. It was a privilege to speak with an entrepreneur who is perhaps as […]

  • Tax Strategies

  • Are You A Target For The IRS?

    Are You A Target For The IRS?

    Whether you are the owner of an IT consulting firm that employs a few hundred people or a boutique owner that personalizes holiday gifts, the chance of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is increasing. Managing your company through these economic times is difficult, but an IRS audit has the potential to take […]

  • For Sale: Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

    For Sale: Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

    Selling a business has its pros and cons —you’ll probably have more money than you’ve ever had before (unless you’ve sold other businesses), but you’ll be sharing some of your profits with the government.

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  • Business Management

  • How Business Owners Think of Their Brands

    How Business Owners Think of Their Brands

    Everyone should know that your brand is of real value. Its value to your business can be measured and tracked. But did you know that your brand meaning is the root of all of your brand’s persuasive ability? It is, and if you don’t manage that ability, you are leaving money on the table no […]

  • The 7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

    The 7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

    While even the word negotiation can evoke fear, stress, and anxiety for many, the intent is quite simple: to discuss and ultimately agree on a deal. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar contract or just deciding where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations. And, the negotiation process is a lot like a chess […]

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  • HR & Employees

  • An Employer’s Guide to Employees and Independent Contractors

    An Employer’s Guide to Employees and Independent Contractors

    When you hire a worker, should you hire him or her as an employee or an independent contractor? This choice is not simply a matter of title. The Internal Revenue Service and other regulators have created a legal framework specifying the differences between the two types of worker. Employers must understand the legal differences, as […]

  • Hiring in the Age of Social Media

    Hiring in the Age of Social Media

    Social media has changed everything! Social media has changed everything! Human beings have been communicating since the beginning of time; and with the advent of the Internet and, more recently, social media tools, the basics of human interaction have been altered forever. Does this sound a bit grandiose? That’s because it is. According to the […]

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  • Why Your Character is Important

    Why Your Character is Important

    Today, as you leave breakfast with your family, lunch with a business colleague or dinner with a close friend, consider the following: how did they perceive your character? By character I mean at the broadest level, the sum of all of our traits. More helpful though is to define character as how you act when […]

  • The Modern Face of Sales Shouldn’t Include Selling

    The Modern Face of Sales Shouldn’t Include Selling

    If you have ever received a sales call during dinner, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve had a bad experience with selling. Unfortunately, the same negative reaction you experienced while eating green beans with your family is now commonplace—at all times of day—in the current selling environment. In most business models, the sales department is […]

  • Banish the Workplace Bully

    Banish the Workplace Bully

    Bullying doesn’t always end on the playground. How small businesses can recognize and eliminate workplace bullying. Small businesses certainly have their hands full these days. Amid the many economic, regulatory, and competitive threats, it’s easy to overlook what sounds like a vague, not-in-my-backyard threat like workplace bullying. But workplace bullies are a very real and […]

  • Rewarding & Recognizing Staff

    Rewarding & Recognizing Staff

    For any practice—chiropractic or otherwise—the largest issue that stumps growth is worker productivity. With economic volatility and healthcare reform issues currently impacting profits, productivity issues can wreak havoc with margins already on the brink of zero. In addition, when worker productivity falters, costs are higher. When it comes to productivity, much research has been conducted […]

  • Dave Says...on Business

    Dave Says…on Business

    Dear Dave, How do you reignite a sales team member’s fire once they have reached a financial goal they set for themselves? David Dear David, I love team members who have the energy and drive to go out and make the sales. But when it comes to this type of work, you’ve always got to […]

  • 4 Fundamentals of Creating Successful Customer Relationships

    4 Fundamentals of Creating Successful Customer Relationships

    If businesses exist, as the father of Business Management Peter Drucker proposed, “to create and keep a customer,” then success is defined by the relationships you establish with your customers. Giving them the best experience possible goes a long way toward securing future business. Here are four fundamentals of creating successful relationships with customers and […]

  • Swim, Don't Sink: Delegate Your Way to Success

    Swim, Don’t Sink: Delegate Your Way to Success

    The problem with problem solving is that it feels so right. As business owners our tendency is to dig in, right wrongs and improve things. We get things done! It’s tempting to hang on to our technical roots and participate in the solution to every problem. We do this at our own risk, however, because […]

  • CEO Kryptonite...

    CEO Kryptonite…

    What Savvy Company Leaders Avoid At All Costs. Everyone knows that Superman’s sole weakness is a mineral called kryptonite. If he came in contact with the substance it would slowly drain his powers, weakening him until proving fatal. Superman knows he must to avoid kryptonite at all costs if he wants to continue fighting for “truth, […]

  • Top Five Affordable Public Relations Resources You Can't Live Without

    Top Five Affordable Public Relations Resources You Can’t Live Without

    It’s an ongoing struggle when working on a PR campaign for your business to identify the right tools to use that are low-cost or free. Nowadays, public relations is the go-to growth and lead-generating method for business, and rightfully so. Whether you are doing your PR in-house, working with a freelance publicist or retaining a […]

  • 6 Real Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Reaching Its Full Potential

    6 Real Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Reaching Its Full Potential

    Own a business long enough and you’ll develop an acute form of blindness — a myopic mindset that doesn’t stop you from envisioning your goals, but does render you incapable of recognizing the exact issues preventing you from reaching them. You have a nagging feeling that you could be reaching further and doing more, but […]

  • 7 Things Business Owners Need to Get Right With an Exit Strategy

    7 Things Business Owners Need to Get Right With an Exit Strategy

    For business owners, acknowledging that they will have to leave their companies at some point is usually one of the hardest issues they’ll wrestle with. All owners will exit their businesses at some time, either leaving vertically or horizontally. While it’s true they can’t always control when and how that happens, they can be better […]

  • Five Ogres and an Angel

    Five Ogres and an Angel

    Guarding the Gates of Organizational Improvement With so many change agents, change initiatives, and transformational changes, swarming the marketplace, clearly a lot is changing in business—or is it? In actuality, what makes organizational change a challenge is all that surrounds it, not the change itself. So let’s cover how change initiatives in organizations get stuck […]

  • Stirring a Business That Cooks

    Stirring a Business That Cooks

    Julia Child’s The French Chef was one of the most popular television shows of the 60s and early 70s. Newly married and an aspiring cook, Carole Kotkin found herself mesmerized by Child’s culinary mastery. When Kotkin learned her idol would be appearing in her hometown of Miami, she couldn’t wait to see Child in person. […]

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    Looks At Space in New Ways The new economy tenants understand this and look at space in an entirely different fashion. They want space that reflects their culture, their ethos, and their values. Slowly but surely, traditional tenants are starting to understand this same value system. When it becomes the norm, which I think is […]

  • How to Promote Company Culture Through Your Workspace

    How to Promote Company Culture Through Your Workspace

    A company’s rich culture can often be hidden in a sad workspace. Sure, you might have a casual dress code and a spirited softball team, but no one will think much of it if you’re surrounded by plain, white walls on a daily basis. With the ongoing debate around remote workers, it’s important to understand […]

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