Skillman Construction – Business of the Year

Growing up in Kansas in a community of farmers, Mike Skillman would have described himself as an average guy. The one thing that he had going for himself was a well-developed worth ethic. “I started raking hay by the age of seven. At the end of the summer, grandpa paid me $75, and I thought […]

Dominos CEO J. Patrick Doyle

A Passion for Pizza and People Tell us about your career with Domino’s, when it began and when you took over as CEO. I’ve been here seventeen years. I joined in 1997 and became CEO in early 2010. What was your educational background before you entered the business world? I completed my undergraduate at the […]

Interview With Patrick Finn

Patrick Finn is an entrepreneur who came to the United States as an Irish immigrant with skills in the construction trades. Like so many other immigrants before him, Patrick decided that the path to a better life for himself and his family was to create his own business from the skills which he possessed. Patrick […]

Swimming with the Sharks

Dave Alwan’s grandfather opened a grocery store in Peoria, IL in 1947. Like so many families who own a small business, Dave grew up in the family business. As a teen-ager Dave learned the business behind the counter by wearing a white butcher’s coat and cutting up stew meat by hand. And, there is no […]

Thesis Painting an American Success Story

Thesis Painting is like many other small businesses—it was built on the skills of family members. Angelo Spyridakis came to America as a Greek immigrant who worked as a painter with his father and brother. But Angelo didn’t have the goal of making it in America simply as a craftsman with a job—he had the […]

Up Close and Personal with T. Boone Pickens

NEW: Watch The Interview on YouTube! American Business Magazine recently sat down with T. Boome Pickens on the very day his energy initiative was rolled out by President Obama, who spoke about the Boone Initiative during his State Of The Union address. It was a privilege to speak with an entrepreneur who is perhaps as […]

  • Tax Strategies

  • Are You A Target For The IRS?

    Are You A Target For The IRS?

    Whether you are the owner of an IT consulting firm that employs a few hundred people or a boutique owner that personalizes holiday gifts, the chance of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is increasing. Managing your company through these economic times is difficult, but an IRS audit has the potential to take […]

  • For Sale: Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

    For Sale: Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

    Selling a business has its pros and cons —you’ll probably have more money than you’ve ever had before (unless you’ve sold other businesses), but you’ll be sharing some of your profits with the government.

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  • IT & Internet

  • 5 Unexpected Ways Businesses Can Use Smartphones to Drive Profit

    5 Unexpected Ways Businesses Can Use Smartphones to Drive Profit

    No matter the product, service or industry, mission, or corporate philosophy, nearly every business is bottom line-driven. As well, there is no shortage of ingenuity as to how companies try to glean more profit out of existing processes. Every so often, a new technology emerges that radically changes the productivity landscape and industry’s related profitability […]

  • 5 Breakthrough Social Media Tactics for Luxury Branding

    5 Breakthrough Social Media Tactics for Luxury Branding

    In online marketing we’re bombarded with new rules to follow and ways to follow them, but what if the smartest way to spend on Facebook and Google is to stop spending as much? Enter Kay Kestler, CEO of Strictly Weddings, an online luxury bridal media outlet. She partners with top tier, luxury brands to feature […]

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  • How to Improve Communication at Work

    How to Improve Communication at Work

    Throughout her more than two decade tenure as an Executive Coach and Vice President inside Corporate America, Vivian Ciampi has seen millions of dollars senselessly lost merely due to ineffective communication. “It’s imperative for achievement-oriented professionals to communicate well in all aspects of their job, as doing so can be the key to cutting through […]

  • The Mismanagement of Change

    The Mismanagement of Change

    As humans we are driven to make connections, find patterns, and establish associations in places where they may not inherently exist. We are compelled to bind ourselves to the external world and have a fundamental motivation to believe that our perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors are correct. When elements of our perceived reality change or are […]

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  • Build Your Bench With MVP's

    Build Your Bench With MVP’s

    In most organizations, you’ll find more people who understand how to hit the ball than people who can decide which game to enter, more people with well-honed skills for producing results in the short run than visionary strategists. Certainly, you need both to succeed, but most organizations are replete with those who can plug ahead and […]

  • 17 Things You Unknowingly Do At Work That Say "I Don't Care"

    17 Things You Unknowingly Do At Work That Say “I Don’t Care”

    You care deeply about your clients, employees and coworkers. Of course you do. But if you’re like most people in the workplace (be they leaders, front line workers or someone in the vast middle ground in between), you may occasionally do (or not do) things that send the wrong signal. And that signal is, “I […]

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  • EntreLeadership

    Enhance communication with your team “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” You might remember this quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke. While it’s one of the most popular and often-quoted lines in movie history — and it might even make you smile — there’s nothing funny about a lack of communication […]

  • Conquering the Fear of Failure

    Running a business can be scary. You put your heart and soul into your company and can’t imagine doing anything else. Then, you realize that no matter how successful you are, you might be just a few bad decisions away from losing your dream and disappointing your team. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this […]

  • 5 Tips to Grow in Small Town America

    5 Tips to Grow in Small Town America

    If you grew up with a family business in rural America or are starting a business in a small town, don’t let your location stop you from being a huge success. According to a recent survey by Everyday Law, “63 percent of respondents said that small cities are better for small business.” That’s right. With […]

  • 4 Top Leadership Myths

    4 Top Leadership Myths

    Too often people find themselves leading others without the right experience or training. And too often people assume they and others can and will figure it out as they go. While they are “figuring it out,” if they actually do, a lot of damage can be done to their people and to the business. Some […]

  • 5 Steps to great networking for sales success

    5 Steps to great networking for sales success

    We’re all in sales, whether we want to be or not. We’re selling our ideas, our career advancement, and selling others on helping us out. Small and medium businesses are at a selling disadvantage: limited resources, people wearing multiple hats, huge pressure to grow a customer base, and worse yet, a less recognized brand name, […]

  • Connecting the Yachts in Antigua

    Connecting the Yachts in Antigua

    Tina Westwood’s Caribbean Concierge Services The roots of Tina Westwood’s business taking care of Antigua’s yacht owners first sprouted when she was 19 years old. A girlfriend asked if she’d like to work on a yacht that was sailing the Atlantic Crossing. This question triggered Westwood’s fearless habit of saying “yes” to tasks she had […]

  • Simple Solutions for Improving Customer Service

    Simple Solutions for Improving Customer Service

    The U.S. distribution landscape looks considerably different today than it did a decade ago. E-commerce has grown almost 18 percent each year, according to McKinsey & Co., and customer satisfaction expectations are high. For the most part, industry shifts have tended to change gradually over time, making it possible for product distributors to keep pace, […]

  • Are Your Employees Distracted Behind the Wheel?

    Are Your Employees Distracted Behind the Wheel?

    Most people understand that distracted driving is dangerous, yet the urge to stay connected and productive compels many to use their phones while driving anyway. Research conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) shows that distractions are responsible for nearly 80 percent of vehicle accidents, and the problem isn’t just a concern for everyday […]

  • Challenges of 21st Century Entrepreneurship

    Challenges of 21st Century Entrepreneurship

    As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the challenges of running a successful business. In fact, the first three years of my company were very challenging. I was running through money at an alarming rate. Also, I knew very little about marketing, and my sales were dismal. My business almost failed on three different occasions. I […]

  • Building a Positive Corporate Culture

    Building a Positive Corporate Culture

    As an employer, my interest is in creating long term changes that hopefully lead to better moral and ethical decisions from both me and my employees. With this in mind, I’ve generally found that there are two ways to go about influencing people. The first is to affect them through fear and manipulation tactics or […]

  • Why Should I Care - My Business is Non-Union

    Why Should I Care – My Business is Non-Union

    Businesses frequently claim, “Our employees are our most important asset.” However, employees also can be a small or medium business owner’s biggest potential liability. Courts across the United States are awash in employment litigation: class actions for failure to pay overtime, claims of employment discrimination and harassment, workers’ compensation, whistleblowing, and so on. Astute business […]

  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    Best practices to protect vital information With data recovery, prevention really is the best medicine. Companies that put in place the best plans and tools to protect data are much less likely to go through the hassles of recovery, meaning they spend less time on data and more time on generating revenue. Automation is a […]

  • Barrier Breakers for Women in Corporate America

    Barrier Breakers for Women in Corporate America

    While the glass ceiling clearly has large cracks and even holes, there is more work to be done to truly leverage the earning potential and talent that can catapult Corporate America toward greater success—and help women in the process. Here are some tips for taking charge of these issues and helping to continue turning the […]

  • Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

    Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

    As a business executive for more than forty years in companies of all sizes, I have traveled extensively throughout the country. Before fitness was a trendy topic, staying active and fit was always important to me, no matter where I was on the road. Not only did I look and feel better, but regular exercise […]

  • Sometimes I Think I Am a Babysitter

    Sometimes I Think I Am a Babysitter

    Did you ever have the chance to babysit another child when you were younger? Babysitting was my first official job. I was paid fifty cents per hour to watch a child while keeping her safe and focused on healthy activities. That was before years of education and experience qualified me for greater things. Yet, as […]

  • Dealing With Conflict at the Top

    Dealing With Conflict at the Top

    Four F-words for executive teams Dealing with organizational conflict is always challenging, even more so for executive teams. There is a lot at stake: personally, because team leaders make large salaries; organizationally, because issues at the top can impact the financial picture and many employees. Coaching executive teams around the world, we’ve found that how […]

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