Business Management

Corporate Debt Restructuring

November 12, 2012 Kevin Lombardo 2

In this prevailing economic climate, as companies look for ways to access cash, one method to relieve pressure and free up additional cash flow is to restructure the debt of your organization. This gives your […]

Business Management

Starting At The End

November 9, 2012 Terri Krivosha 0

In The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews famously admonished her charges through song with “…start at the very beginning.” In business planning, however, this isn’t a “very good place to start,” as the lyric states. […]

Succession Planning

Taking Care of Business

November 6, 2012 Michael H. Fliegelman 1

Chances are, you view succession planning as just one more decision you’ll have to make regarding your business. Through the years, you’ve probably had to make some tough decisions. You’ve hired many good people and […]

IT & Internet

What A Cloud Is And What A Cloud Isn’t

October 30, 2012 Michael Torto 1

We’ve all witnessed the hype surrounding cloud computing. As an IT trend, it’s so pervasive that the industry has adopted a pejorative for the vendors who, in search of mindshare or market cap, gratuitously call […]

HR & Employees

The Dollars andSense of HR

October 26, 2012 Dave Rettig 1

Ever notice how everything you touch these days just seems to turn into an HR issue? Or perhaps you feel as though your title of president has slowly been replaced with the more descriptive title […]

Business Management

Bartering For Business Growth

October 23, 2012 John Strabley 1

Small business owners can take advantage of barter networks to do more with less in difficult economic times. As small business owners continue to look for ways to grow during tough economic times, many are […]


Clearing The Air

October 19, 2012 Chad Parks 1

The most common 401(k) misconceptions held by small business owners With pensions all but gone and Social Security drying up, successfully planning for retirement lies squarely on the shoulders of individuals. Even though small businesses […]


Two Budding Entrepreneurs

September 27, 2012 American Business Magazine 0

Jordan and Brandon’s main goal is to encourage youth though their products and upcoming book. We sat down with these two highly motivated, school-age business owners to learn more about their story and keys to […]

Sales & Marketing

Speaking A Customer’s Language

September 25, 2012 Tim Cotroneo 1

Surprise and Delight Your Clients One of the first things a salesperson learns is to speak to the needs of their client base. For Pat Donovan, this means speaking English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento. Papiamento […]

IT & Internet

Tablets For Business

September 24, 2012 Emily Capdevielle 0

The rise of tablets in recent years has not only been used by consumers playing games like Angry Birds, but tablets are also starting to make their way into classrooms and businesses. According to a […]

HR & Employees

The Paradox Of Perfection

September 21, 2012 Stephen Balzac 3

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career; I’ve lost almost 300 games; 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot— and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in […]

Succession Planning

Divorce And The Business Owner

September 18, 2012 Scott Mahoney 0

Divorce takes an emotional toll on all people involved—family, friends and, for business owners, employees who are concerned about distractions and decisions that may impact the company. No doubt financial concerns weigh heavily too in […]

Business Management

Fine-Tuning Your Financial Operations

September 15, 2012 Bill Rucci 0

What your financial statements tell you – and why you should listen As businesses face yet another season of tepid market demand and tight credit, having access to accurate and timely information about your company’s […]

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