Sales & Marketing

Winning Government Business

May 22, 2012 Sabrina Stover 0

Every business in today’s economic climate faces a persistent question: How can more lucrative opportunities be found? Companies from almost every sector of the economy are finding they have to stretch to uncover new approaches […]

IT & Internet

Know Your Numbers

May 14, 2012 Rick Biederer 1

About a year ago I was asked to take a look at a website and find ways to increase the income generated from it. The owner was promised an improved return from the website by […]

HR & Employees

The Right Incentives

May 9, 2012 Patrick A. Genovese 0

The use of incentives is often overlooked as an effective way to increase market share in a shrinking economy. Productivity-based, excess profit incentives can be designed with no upfront cost. Better yet, they are paid […]


Adopt the Will to Win

May 9, 2012 Dan Schneider 0

Combining execution and attitude leads to success Over the last few years, the economy has taken its toll on many small businesses and their owners. Not surprisingly, they are feeling beat up and hopeless, and […]

IT & Internet

Your Business’ Best Friend

May 7, 2012 Douglas.DeRubeis 0

Using online networks effectively can engage your customer base. Thirty years ago, I attended an association meeting workshop with 20 business owners who were enjoying various levels of success in their industry. We were to […]

Sales & Marketing

Reality Check Please

May 2, 2012 Courtney R. Harris 0

Products don’t sell themselves. Good marketing DOES. So you have this fantastic product/service you’re offering. You’ve done your homework and through your calculations, there is simply no other product/service on the market that competes with […]