Making a Beautiful Business Successful

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Like so many other entrepreneurs, Terrence and Kymberly Perkins were driven to become business owners because of the passion they shared to own their own business. And, when the opportunity arose to purchase the Marc Anthony Salon and Day Spa in Chicago, they jumped at the chance.

The original owner of the Marc Anthony Salon and Day Spa had built a solid reputation over the last six years, and the Perkins’ saw an opportunity to own their business by building on this foundation for quality salon services.

Marc Anthony is a full-service salon offering facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and make-up, as well as 10 stations for hair cutting and styling by an experienced staff of professionals. In addition to the 10 hair stations, the salon also features 2 make-up stations, and employs 8 to 10 professional staff.

Kymberly Perkins is President of Marc Anthony and Terrence is Vice President, but both share equally in their enthusiasm for making the salon successful by focusing on the needs and desires of their customers.

Terrence and Kymberly realized from the very beginning that their passion alone would not guarantee success. When they looked in the mirror of their salon, they clearly saw they could use some professional help meeting both their short- and long term goals.

So the Perkins’ brought in a team of business experts from Global Resources to analyze their business, offer recommendations for improvement, and provide the professional consulting services needed to make the business more beautiful for customers and owners alike.

The consultants immediately focused Terrence and Kymberly on what needed to be done to enhance the ambiance and services for a better customer experience, while at the same time focusing the new owners on what the consultants called the “business of the business.” To achieve their goal of expansion, either through an SBA loan or finding capital from a private equity investor, the Perkins, would need to make the business more attractive for customers and investors alike.

Successful businesses are built on methods, systems and controls to manage cash flow, control expenses, and have written goals for the future. While many entrepreneurs come from a “do-it-yourself ” mentality in running their small businesses, entrepreneurs must transition from a “people-dependent” business to a “system dependent” business so that the company can grow and succeed over the long-term.

Now that Terrence and Kymberly have built a solid foundation for their business with excellent customer service and the management systems needed for being profitable, these passionate entrepreneurs have already begun planning their expansion to multiple locations in multiple cities.

Being the owners of a successful salon with a plan for the future is a beautiful thing!

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