Editorial Guidelines

American Business Magazine is a national publication geared toward small and medium-size businesses and has a circulation of 60,000 annually. By providing a broad scope of informative business practices and emerging trends the magazine looks to assist entrepreneurs and their quest for their businesses to flourish. In general, American Business Magazine is taking a closer look inside the world of private businesses. Every issue contains top-notch practical advice and insights for owners, managers and employees of small to medium-size businesses.

Each quarter, the contributing authors provide readers with timely coverage regarding maintaining positive cash flow, controlling costs, accelerating profitable growth, strategic planning, succession planning, preserving and determining corporate value and tax planning affecting small to medium-size businesses. American Business Magazine’s mission is to provide readers with accurate, timely and objective information to focus on business success.

Being published in American Business Magazine may benefit you by enhancing your visibility in the industry and providing third-party credibility.

American Business Magazine works on an exclusive-only basis. Mass-mailed articles are not considered suitable material for publication.

Article approvals

American Business Magazine seeks legitimate news and unbiased information. The decision to print articles is based on whether the information serves the interests of the readers. If an article is accepted for publication, it tentatively will be assigned to an issue. Due to the amount of articles submitted, it may be several issues or more before an article is assigned.

Although the editors will make every effort to preserve your submitted article, they reserve the right to edit it for grammar and consistency with American Business Magazine’s style. The revised version of your article will be sent to you for review before publication.

You may also request complimentary copies of the issue(s) in which your article appears.


To promote consistency in articles submitted for publication in American Business Magazine, please consider the following:

  • Use the style and grammatical rules set forth in The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual.
  • Your manuscript should be typewritten and single-spaced.
  • Before submitting your article for publication, edit your own work thoroughly. Make sure paragraphs flow smoothly and logically. Double-check for accuracy; the editors depend on you to supply them with accurate and timely information.
  • Avoid clichés and excessive jargon. When establishing a tone, pretend you’re speaking with a colleague. Try to use the active voice in all articles.
  • Don’t use footnotes. Directly credit sources within the body of the article.
  • Use subheads to indicate a shift in topic.
  • Resist the temptation to advertise a product, service or company. Approach the story with the audience’s interest in mind as opposed to yours.
  • Include any supporting photographs, slides, charts or artwork with the original manuscript submission. Please include your address if artwork is to be returned.

Feature stories

Upon final acceptance, all feature articles will be reviewed by the editorial staff, and/or American Business Magazine editorial advisory board. All articles attributes should be accompanied by a reference list.

Features submitted for publication in American Business Magazine should be 12 font and single spaced. Articles should be accompanied by some type of artwork, such as photos, slides, charts, graphs or tables. A brief biography (75-100 words) listing your name, title, the company for which you work, its location and your industry involvement should be included, as well. Please also include a color photograph of yourself.

Deadline schedule

The editorial staff is on a tight schedule—deadlines must be met. The deadline for feature articles is two months before the issue date. For example, the deadline for the June issue of American Business Magazine is April 5.

American Business Magazine welcomes ideas for articles and suggestions for improvement. Direct all inquiries and story ideas to American Business Magazine, 1260 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089; telephone (224) 676-7300; fax (847) 808- 7664; e-mail jp at abomagazine.com.