Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

December 13, 2015 Jim Baugh 0

As a business executive for more than forty years in companies of all sizes, I have traveled extensively throughout the country. Before fitness was a trendy topic, staying active and fit was always important to […]


Telltale Signs of Adult ADHD

October 17, 2014 Dr. Kevin Ross Emery 3

With high profile celebrities like NBC’s ‘The Voice’ judge Adam Levine, TV news broadcasters like Phoenix-based Kaley O’Kelley, and others like “The ADHD CEO” Greg Selkoe now publicly owning their ADHD diagnosis, it begs many […]


Eat Out Healthy

June 17, 2014 Dr. Jo 0

According to the NPD Group, more than half of all restaurant guests say they are healthy eaters at home. But, when it comes to dining out, it’s a whole different matter—only half of those home […]


Creating A Workplace Wellness Program

April 11, 2014 Maria Mazursky 0

With health care costs on the rise, many companies are looking for affordable, scalable and innovative options for engaging their employees and keeping them healthy, happy and productive. Indeed, problems such as diabetes, carpal tunnel […]


Managing Stress As a Business Manager

February 26, 2013 John Kyriazoglou 2

Consulting experience and various international studies have shown that business managers in all types and sizes of companies have very difficult and stressful jobs. In today’s tough, dynamic, resource-tight and uncertain economy, a company (or […]


A Sleep-Deprived Nation

April 18, 2012 Emily Capdevielle 1

With a schedule full of meetings, deadlines, business trips, e-mails to answer and the phone ringing off the hook, you barely have enough time for family and friends—let alone sleep. However, according to recent studies, […]


Healthy Business

February 28, 2012 Stephen Cohen 0

The Carson J. Spencer foundation combats suicide with innovation and entrepreneurship On December 7, 2004, Carson J. Spencer, a talented and successful Denver-based businessman and entrepreneur, took his own life. Nineteen days later, the 2004 […]


Dealing With Stress

December 27, 2011 Betsy Demitropoulos 0

Do you feel tired, irritable, anxious, tense, discontented or aggravated? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you might be feeling the effects of stress. Astonishingly, many of us know the impacts of stress […]


Turning Adversity Into Inspiration

August 30, 2011 Rick Thomas 2

The story of one family’s commitment to press on despite what life throws at them. For three-and-a-half years, I have been a senior business analyst with CBS/GPS traveling around the country meeting extraordinary and hardworking […]


Urology Today

November 30, 2010 Gordon R. Gluckman 1

Urology is the comprehensive care of the urologic system. It is one of the first surgical subspecialties and dates back to Egyptian times when bladder stones were found in mummies. Stones in the bladder have […]


Symptoms Of A Heart Attack

April 22, 2010 Jill M. Winters 0

The difference between men and women When it comes to your job, a certain amount of stress most likely comes with the territory. However, in today’s challenging economy, you may find it more difficult than […]


Health Care

March 4, 2010 Betsy Demitropoulos 1

Health care is booming, and it is among the fastest-growing fields in the United States. According to government labor statistics, employment in the health care industry is projected to experience double-digit gains throughout the next decade. […]