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Sales Lessons From the Big Screen

December 5, 2014 Suzanne Paling 0

The movie The Jone$es (with Lauren Hutton, Demi Moore, and David Duchovny), features a three-minute scene that should be required viewing for anyone aspiring to or currently managing salespeople. Sales executive KC holds a meeting […]

Sales & Marketing

Sell Like A Girl

April 4, 2014 David Newman 0

What can a 12-year old teach you about sales? Quite a bit, as it turns out. It’s Girl Scout Cookie time in our part of the world. For those of you who are unfamiliar with […]

Sales & Marketing

Ways to Make Printing Easier and More Effective

January 31, 2014 Bill Martin 0

According to the Gartner Group, businesses spend between one and three percent of total annual revenues generating printed materials. Yet, as social media and digital advertising continue to increase in popularity, many marketers question the […]

Sales & Marketing

Five Things I Wish Prospective Clients Knew

November 15, 2013 David Baker 0

It seems more difficult than ever to have a conversation with a prospect these days—especially in professional services, like public relations and marketing. It’s as if there’s a special blacklisted hole for business development professionals. […]

Sales & Marketing

Speaking A Customer’s Language

September 25, 2012 Tim Cotroneo 1

Surprise and Delight Your Clients One of the first things a salesperson learns is to speak to the needs of their client base. For Pat Donovan, this means speaking English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento. Papiamento […]

Sales & Marketing

Sales Is The Company Driver

June 12, 2012 JoAnn Laing 1

…But Don’t Ignore The Changing Marketing Landscape Without sales, no company can survive. However, making positive sales decisions has become even more important and complex as we move deeper into the second decade of the […]

Sales & Marketing

Winning Government Business

May 22, 2012 Sabrina Stover 0

Every business in today’s economic climate faces a persistent question: How can more lucrative opportunities be found? Companies from almost every sector of the economy are finding they have to stretch to uncover new approaches […]

HR & Employees

The Right Incentives

May 9, 2012 Patrick A. Genovese 0

The use of incentives is often overlooked as an effective way to increase market share in a shrinking economy. Productivity-based, excess profit incentives can be designed with no upfront cost. Better yet, they are paid […]

Sales & Marketing

Reality Check Please

May 2, 2012 Courtney R. Harris 0

Products don’t sell themselves. Good marketing DOES. So you have this fantastic product/service you’re offering. You’ve done your homework and through your calculations, there is simply no other product/service on the market that competes with […]

Sales & Marketing

The Future Of Marketing Is Crowdsourced

April 16, 2012 Brandon Evans 0

There’s no better stat than Eric Schmidt’s to illustrate how radically the amount of information available to people has expanded. Just a decade ago, marketers were able to control much of the messaging that consumers […]

Sales & Marketing

When One Door Closes

February 7, 2012 Tom Ryan 0

Urban Bratz, LLC was the brainchild of former art director/designer and boutique owner Heather Daniels, an Illinois native. After years designing movie posters and theatrical campaigns in Hollywood, for studios such as Universal and Warner […]

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