Business Management

Managing For Predetermined Profit

March 29, 2011 Joe Percario 2

Managing for a predetermined profit is not a well-known practice in the construction industry, where smaller companies, including startups, owner-operated organizations and small partnerships represent the majority of firms. Yet, when put into practice and […]

Business Management

Where Did All The Money Go?

January 4, 2011 Douglas.DeRubeis 0

A focus on revenue is key, but construction firms must not lose control of costs . You were certain you had done everything right. You won the bids. You generated the sales. Revenue was great, […]

Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert Q&A

March 15, 2010 Dan Schneider 0

I am in the construction business. Like many other businesses in my industry, my company was hit hard by the recent economic downturn. In the past, we never had to do any active sales or […]

Business Management

Success Insured

March 3, 2010 Marie Demko 0

CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: INVEST IN PROPER INSURANCE TO LIMIT YOUR BUSINESS’ LIABILITIES AND PROTECT PERSONAL ASSETS. Most small- and medium-size construction companies are inadequately insured. It’s easy to understand why, as most never consider  their liability […]