Exit Strategy

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

April 3, 2012 Tim Burke 0

In 2007, when a potential investor asked business owner Dan Throop, 61, what his exit strategy was, he responded by saying, “When I’m done with this meeting, I’m going to turn around and walk out […]

HR & Employees

Selling Your Business To Employees

March 20, 2012 Corey Rosen 0

It may be more practical than you think One of the biggest challenges for owners of closely held businesses is finding a way to turn their equity in a business into cash for retirement or […]

HR & Employees

Phantom Stock

August 18, 2011 Paul Bardaro 2

It’s an ongoing challenge for many small business owners in virtually every sector of the economy: figuring out how to motivate and retain employees who are essential to the company’s success without granting them an actual ownership stake. […]