Business Valuation

The Business Investment

September 8, 2010 Erin Hollis 0

There comes a day when individuals decide to go into business for themselves. Filled with enthusiasm and anticipation, they make the initial investment in their companies and their futures. If they have nurtured that investment […]

Estate Planning

Trusts Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

March 16, 2010 Renee Edgcomb 0

I often hear two misconceptions regarding trusts. First, many people believe that because their net worth is under $2,000,000 (the applicable exclusion amount in 2008), their estate plan does not require a trust. Second, many […]

Estate Planning

Planning Your Estate

March 2, 2010 Tito DeLeon 0

As a tax consultant, I have personally met with hundreds of business owners throughout the United States, from all walks of life, engaged  in a wide variety of industries. While the differences between individual business […]