IT & Internet

Understanding Social Media

April 15, 2013 David Newman 0

Too many small business owners want to get involved in social media but – sadly – do not understand the intent, ideas, or influence factors that make social media an effective tactic in their overall […]

Business Management

Going Global

September 13, 2012 Mona Pearl 1

After many years in global business, I’ve noticed that companies get into trouble when they have a false belief that simply expanding the domestic execution strategy will translate into a successful international expansion. Companies face […]

IT & Internet

Social Media Is Business Not Playtime!

December 29, 2011 Jim Kukral 2

Here we go, yet another pundit telling you how social media has changed the world, how everything will be different, how traditional media is dead, etc. I admit it, I believe some of that stuff. […]

Sales & Marketing

Don’t Get Left Behind

November 16, 2010 Steve McCrillis Tara McCrillis 0

Successful marketing strategies for the business on a budget Just a few short years ago it seemed you could “sell ice to an Eskimo.” Marketing was simply about pushing consumers toward your brand. Consumers were […]

IT & Internet

Tweet Your Way To Business Success

March 4, 2010 Ashley Kasicki 0

Think social networking sites are only for those looking to reconnect with old high school friends, date or broadcast what’s happening in their lives? Think again. Recent research indicates more and more executives and managers […]