Business Management

It Can Pay To Be Nimble

June 28, 2011 Charles Nelson 0

In business, nothing moves faster than capital. These days—where billions can move halfway around the world with a mouse click, or professional football teams can change cities overnight—your success can be enhanced by a change […]

Tax & IRS

Ensuring the Validity Of Shareholder Loans

March 5, 2010 Brandi Finn 0

It has become common for shareholders of closely held businesses to infuse and extract cash from their companies on a regular basis. These advances and withdrawals are often categorized as shareholder loans, but the documents […]

Succession Planning

Why Every Business Needs A Will

March 3, 2010 Erin Hollis 0

Over 90 percent of the businesses in the United States are closely held (nonpublic). More than two-thirds of those are family owned and controlled. Unfortunately, approximately 70 percent of them will not survive past the […]