IT & Internet

Use Resources Wisely

January 6, 2012 Robert Gast 0

To make your IT infrastructure more environmentally friendly, you must first sow the seeds of change. Here are several ideas for greening your silicon patch. It took some convincing, but now it’s clear that there […]

IT & Internet

A Primer On Common Availability Solutions

August 10, 2011 Robert Gast 0

Determining optimum availability is not an either/or proposition . The economically appropriate level of availability varies among systems and industries and even across applications within a single enterprise. The challenge is to strike the right, […]

IT & Internet

Cloud Applications

July 19, 2011 Vic Levinson 1

What are cloud applications and why should you consider them for your business? Cloud applications are a series of tasks and functions, including software applications like accounting, contact records management, e-mail hosting, storage, voice processing […]